Ricky and Karen Jones - Company Owners

owners-ricky-and-karen-jonesWe began our venture into the vacation ownership world back in July of 2005 when we purchased our first brand new condo at the incredible Celadon Beach Resort. After about six months of dealing with one of the big rental management companies, we began advertising our condo on VRBO and booking our own weeks. We also created some simple websites of our own to further advertise our unit.

The next thing we know, we are doubling our rental revenue, other owners are asking us to manage their units, and over a three year period, we have expanded our business to eighteen condos at four of the most popular resorts in all of Panama City Beach (Celadon, Sunrise, Calypso, and Emerald Beach). You will note that all of our resorts are on the "quiet" West End of PCB and they are also less than one mile from the incredible new shopping and entertainment district called "Pier Park".

We pride ourselves on taking advantage of our internet and computer skills to "out market" our competition, maximize rentals for our owners, and most of all ensure that every one of our customers has the absolute best vacation experience possible in PCB!

Karen D Jones (aka "The Other Karen Jones")  - Rental Manager

rental-manager-karen-dIn 2007, my husband and I went to Panama City Beach between Christmas and New Year’s, and stayed with Ricky and Karen in their beautiful Sunrise condominium. We had not been to Panama City Beach in almost 10 years, and couldn’t believe how much it had changed! We had a wonderful time - Ricky & Karen always know the best places to dine, and most fun things to do. They were already really familiar with the city. It was so relaxing walking on the beach, having breakfast on the balcony, watching dophins head west in the morning, and back home in the afternoon. I wouldn’t have guessed then that two years later, I would go to work for Ricky & Karen as their rental manager.

I started with Resort Condo Services February 1, 2010, and have really enjoyed it! I like working with people, and helping them plan their trip. Vacations are very important – no one wants to spend the time or money for their valuable, rare time off, to be disappointed, or to end up in a condominium that has been misrepresented. I want all our renters to love our properties, love Panama City Beach, and love us! Just as important, is my role to take care of the owners and their valuable asset. It can take a lot of time to manage a unit, and we try to make things as easy for the owners as possible.

With technology, I can work at home or on our boat, and I love the flexibility. My husband and I have known Ricky & Karen for a long time. They are great people and lots of fun to be around, whether we’re inspecting units in Panama City Beach, enjoying scallops and oysters at Dusty’s, or going to Nashville’s Titans or Predator games. As my late mother would say – “They are good people.”

Shari Howerton - Website Content Manager 

content-manager-shari-howertonI’m a wife, a mother and (I like to think) a young grandma. I went back to college at the age of forty with the intention of majoring in either Journalism or English because I loved to write. However, I quickly discovered that I would be writing no matter what courses I was taking. So I followed my relational heart to a major in Family Relations, with minors in both Psychology and Interpersonal Communication. (If there had been a Self-Expression major, I could have been teaching those courses.)

I have been an amateur writer all my life. I’ve written a few songs. I’ve authored a blog since 2007. I’ve written restaurant reviews for a local newspaper. And in 2009 I wrote my first book. I love the Internet.   And recently I have fallen in love with Panama City Beach. So, I guess you might say that all of that -- plus my friendship with Ricky and Karen -- made me a natural for this position.

I am passionate about food and I seldom shy away from offering my opinion. So restaurant reviews are the easiest and most fun articles for me to write. But as we add content to the website over time, I hope to provide a lot of helpful information for visitors to PCB as well as giving you my recommendations on where to eat!

We used to go to Destin at least once a year. I enjoyed those trips, but never quite formed an attachment to the area or had a desire for a “home away from home” there. And then, over the last year or so, we started exploring Panama City Beach. To my surprise, I found that I preferred PCB to Destin for so many reasons. And after spending New Year’s Eve in PCB for the first time, I knew where I wanted to celebrate all my future New Year’s Eves.

Panama City Beach is a great getaway spot that just keeps getting better all the time! I now consider it my “home away from home.” And I look forward to sharing more and more of the reasons why as I add and update content here on the Resort Condo Services Website.


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